Saturday, 21 October 2017

Games Workshop - Newsletter

Some classic Eldar models available from Games Workshop for a limited time...
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For one week only - rare and classic Aeldari models
Made to Order

Don't miss your chance to add these miniatures to your army in the latest wave of Made To Order, including the ultra-rare limited edition Bonesinger, alternative Farseers and much more.
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Unleash the Swordwind
Codex: Craftworlds is your definitive guide to the Asuryani, an elegant and deadly army of ancient xenos. Plan your new army, or enhance your existing force with new Stratagems, Craftworld Attributes and more.
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Enhanced Edition
Your codex on-the-go
All the content from the print edition, specially designed to work great on your phone or tablet, featuring an interactive glossary, scrolling text, expandable art and more.
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Master the skeins of fate
Need some help managing particularly complicated plans? With psychic powers, Tactical Objectives and Stratagems these cards allow you to track your games with ease.
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Start Collecting!
Start your army and save money
Kick off your Aeldari army with a range of powerful units and save over 40% compared to getting the models separately.
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Add the Ynnari to your army
Repackaged with rules for both the characters in the box and the Ynnari faction, these champions of Ynnead are the perfect allies for your Craftworlds army. 
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High Farseer
The High Farseer Returns
Take advantage of the newly expanded Runes of Fate psychic discipline with Craftworld Ulthwe's greatest psyker, now available separately.
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The Ultimate Competitive Miniatures Game 
Choose your warband, build your deck and conquer Shadespire in this game of fast-paced arena combat for two to four players. Order your Core Set today:
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Raging Heroes - Special Offers

Raging Heroes discount offer period is nearly over...

Deal Of The Week: 30% OFF 2 big Packs

You might have seen these character packs in our webshop before. The first one features the 3 Freedom Fighters, and the second one features "The Big Ones" from the TGG collection, aka Aleksandr Kurganov, Kiki Bulldozer and Ilsa Wolfenstein.

They were already a great deal since you were saving 11% and 20% instead of buying each miniature separately. But this week they're turning into an insane great deal with a special 30% off.

So don't miss the train, ending in 48 hours, Sunday October 22th!
Heroes Box: The Big Ones (JB, KST, IE)
Heroes Box: The Big Ones (JB, KST, IE)
Heroines Box : The FREEDOM Fighters (JB, KST, IE)
Heroines Box : The FREEDOM Fighters (JB, KST, IE)


48 Hours left! This week we are featuring 2 exciting boxes: 

The Freedom Fighters, in which each Heroine is a rebel within its own faction: Raven leads the Jailbird rebellion, Svetlana wants to bring the old forces within the hi-tech KST world, and Nertha questions the resurrecting of bodies within the iron Empire.

And The Big Ones, with Aleksandr Kurganov who heads the reigning KST family, General lsa Wolfenstein who leads the Iron Empire armies, and the huge Kiki Bulldozer, the heavy hitter giant from the Jailbirds faction.

Grab them now, before they revert back to their usual pricing!
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Mantic Games - Newsletter

Mantic Games weekly newsletter...

This week is a great treat for Kings of War fans. Not only do we have two brand new monster kits deploying to battlefield, but also an in-depth look at our new Skirmish game - Kings of War: Vanguard!
Undead Revenant King on Undead Wyrm - Available Now!
In this case, it is actually a monster coming over that hill! The Dwarf Steel Behemothand Undead Revenant King on Undead Wyrm are now available to pick up from your local retailer or the Mantic Website.
Kings of War - Dwarf Steel Behemoth
Dwarf Steel Behemoth - Available Now!
If you haven't already picked up one of these mighty monsters for your army, then now is the time! We'll also be releasing an Undead Dragon in the near future, so keep your eyes on the horizon.


After a brief absence to restock, we have redesigned the contents of our Battlezones sets to bring themed buildings to your gaming tables. You can pre-order the first of the new sets;  Ruined City, Gang Warzone, Forgotten Foundry and Industrial Accessories now!
King of War: Vanguard is our brand new fantasy Skirmish game, coming to Kickstarter on November 1st. Vanguard follows the elite forces that range ahead of armies, as they attempt to sever supply lines, scout out the enemy or sabotage their defences.
Featuring brand new plastic and resin miniatures and a fun, action-packed tactical ruleset, Vanguard is great for any skirmish gamer or Kings of War player. If you want to find out more, we've been going over the game in detail over on the Mantic Blog.

Vanguard isn't just set in abandoned city, but covers the whole of Mantica! As armies march to war across the world, these elite skirmishers are the first into battle and we wanted the game to reflect this concept. Find out more about Vanguard in our Introduction article.
There are many strange creatures and valiant warriors who fight in Kings of War Vanguard. These are represented in the game by cool character cards. You can find out more about these and how they're used in the game in this article.

Power Dice allow you to do more with your force in games of Vanguard. triggering special abilities and allowing you to reactivate models that have already acted this turn, they are a crucial part of the game. You can find out more about Power Dice here!
As your warriors exert themselves in battle, fatigue will set in, limiting their abilities and actions in the game. The Fatigue mechanic allows your warriors to go further and achieve more than they would normally be capable of during your turn. It's a risk but it can help you to get an edge on your opponent. You can read the full article on Fatigue here!

While the skirmish game setting of Vanguard means you'll be controlling individual miniatures, it is possible to have multiple warriors act together - using a group action. These are great ways to make use of your lesser fighters and outwit your opponents. Find out more about Group Actions here!

We'll be covering Kings of War: Vanguard next week on the Mantic Blog too - looking at the campaign mode, combat and more! Don't miss it!


We are pleased to announce that we are holding our first Gaming Day outside of Mantic HQ. On Saturday 21st October we will be at Rochester Games in the South East of England for a packed day of Mantic madness™. Among the highlights will be show exclusive miniatures and special Gaming Day offers, our latest new releases, demo games including our brand new sci-fi dungeon crawler Star Saga, sneak peeks and even the chance to win one of our coveted Brush with Death trophies!
On Sunday we'll be attending the SELWG (South East London Wargames) Show, with our usual great stand including show exclusives and a wide range of our products. You'll also be able to play through demos of our games, like the Walking Dead: All Out War.
The Mantic Mobile leaves for Essen Spiel 2017 and Crisis 2017 on Tuesday! This means that if you want to pick your order up at one of these shows, you MUST have your order placed by Noon (UK Time) Monday 23rd October, or else it will not be brought to the show!
Although it seems impossible, the Clash of Kings Annual Tournament is next week! Open to veterans and new players alike, this weekend of gaming is the height of gaming with more than 100 players attending (making it the biggest Kings of War tournament EVER). If you want to pick up one of the last few tickets, you need to be quick!
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